Spatial Video Editing workflow


  • Convert MV-HEVC into Left & Right videos.
    • Drag video files out of Photos. Put them in a folder with “Left” and “Right” subfolders. CD to the directory and use this terminal command to make L & R files to edit.
      • Requires the Spatial command line tool by Mike Swanson (I installed this using Homebrew so the spatial commands below are not prefixed with ./
      • for f in *.MOV; do spatial export -i "$f" --vcodec proRes422 -o "Left/${f%}" -o "Right/${f%}";done
  • Edit your video in DaVinci Resolve Studio (need the paid version)
    • Project settings – 1920 x 1080, 30fps
    • Create a “Left” and “Right” bin and drag the corresponding clips into each one.
    • Right-click the master bin and choose 3D stereo sync. Pick the left and right eye folder. Set the output folder to the master bin. You should end up with a bunch of clips with 3D labels on them.
      • There is a bug in DR. My clips get paired with the wrong clip unless I sync one clip at a time. Super annoying.
    • Now you can edit as usual.
    • When you are done color grading – use the 3D tab on the Color page to adjust the alignment and 3D depth.
      • Use the stereo alignment tools if you have vertical mismatch.
      • You can use the convergence setting to make things farther out or farther in.
    • Finally – export a left eye video and a right eye video.
  • Convert Left & Right videos to MV-HEVC
    • Run this terminal command on the L & R videos you exported from DaVinci Resolve:
      • spatial make -i -i --bitrate 20M --cdist 19.24 --hfov 63.4 --hadjust 0.02 --primary right --projection rect -o
    • When finished, drag the video to the Photos app where you can access it in AVP.