2020 Front

Hi I’m Verdi. I’m a designer and artist. I work at Mozilla where I lead the team designing the Firefox search experience.

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When I’m not working on Firefox, I’m probably “working” on something else. Lately that’s been Animal Crossing, astronomy, and interactive fiction (one day I may actually make a game).

I’ve had a ton of past lives including: nuclear sub engineer, performance artist, Ironman, high school teacher, and freelance designer/stay-at-home dad. I also helped invent vlogging in the pre-YouTube days, wrote a how-to book about it, and spoke at bunch of conferences.

I live in San Antonio, Texas with my wife of 29 years in a house that feels a bit too big because our daughters have finished college and moved out.

Thanks for stopping by. If you’d like to get in touch, send me an email – m@verdi.space