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Ugh – I messed up Issue 3 and the QR code points here. Here’s Issue 3’s notes.

Most seasons of The Sopranos begin with Tony walking down the driveway in his robe to pick up the paper.

The Sopranos, season 1, epidode 6. This is where they throw a guy off the bridge over the falls. This is like 2 blocks from my middle school.

A shot from Le Griffon – 2022. This was a play I created video for in 1999. It was written by Sterling Houston and directed by Steve Bailey. Steve directed this re-staging in 2022. When I was digging out the tapes for this play I found the “NJ Tour” video I shot with my mom.

Click on the pins – each one has a photo

Ferrara with Mom and Brian – 2005

Drone footage of White Rock Lake (near my house) – 2022

This is where that Joan Didion quote came from.

This is me waking through the RISO printing process. It took me about 16 hours (not counting drying time) just to print this issue.


I’ve finally started to listen to other things in addition to Weyes Blood this year.

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