• Waking up with an idea


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    I really like the Freewrite Alpha for getting ideas down without editing.
  • Feeling better

    Straightened up the office

    I got some sleep, completed some long overdue things, and cleaned up. It’s amazing how much better that makes me feel.

  • My camera is amazing but …


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    After the Apple Vision Pro came out, I sold my Lumix GH6 and got a Canon R5C with this dual fisheye lens so I could shoot “immersive” (180 degree, 3D) video.

    It’s pretty impressive. It shoots 8K at 60fps. The 3D video it produces is 4096 pixels X 4096 pixels per eye. So like 2, 4K movies stacked on top of one another per eye. but it’s not like watching a 4K movie. It’s actually more like watching 1K/1080p movie because those pixels are covering a much larger area.

    The immersive videos that Apple’s produced are also not as clear as a 4K movie but they’re a good deal closer.

    Then today during Apple’s WWDC announcement they quickly mentioned a collaboration with Blackmagic Design on a professional, immersive video workflow comprised of a new Blackmagic camera, Davinci Reslolve Studio, and Apple Compressor.

    There’s no info on their website yet, but they did post about it on Instagram. This thing will have 8160 pixels X 7200 pixels per eye at 90fps. That’s about 4X what you get from the Canon R5C! Wow.

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  • Making a Website



    The other day I said I was setting up this website to get ideas out of my head and make room for new ones. I guess that’s only part of it. The rest of it is to document in the hope that it’s useful or at least interesting to more than just me. I already do this with but I can’t put everything in there. Smaller, more discreet things can go here. I think this sits adjacent to my journal. This is the conversation I’m having with myself that results in and eventually into artworks (actually I consider one of my artworks). Anyway, there are things that I put in my journal that aren’t ready to be public and there are things that I can put here that never make it into my journal. 

    I think I first started blogging in 2002. I ditched that blog and started over in 2004 when I started video blogging. That lasted until maybe 2009. Somewhere between waning interest, reliance on unmaintained WordPress plugins, and the demise of Blip.tv (video hosting) I called it a day and wiped everything. I became fond of collecting domains and stared things in various places: greymattergravy.com (now hosting another zine I make), x627.com, talkbot.tv, verdi.space, verdi.mov, and zine.party. Meanwhile, I have at least a half-dozen YouTube accounts and various social media accounts that I start and delete. It’s too much and too confusing. And the thing is, I already have a great place for everything — michaelverdi.com (it’s my fucking name). Thank you other Michael Verdi who let the domain expire in 2003. So this weekend I’ve been putting it all together. There’s still lots I want to do but this is in a workable state.

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  • Couldn’t Sleep

    My office is a mess — just like my brain is today.

    4:21 a.m.

    I’ve been sleeping less the last month or so, going to bed later and later. My brain is just going and going and I have a million things I want to get done. Today I went to bed just before midnight and woke up at four. I guess that’s why I set up this blog — to get those ideas out of my head and make room for some new ones.

  • Figma Prototyping



    I’ve been working on a prototype for work this week. I’m using Figma’s variables and conditions to make something that’s pretty complex. The problem I’m running into today is that the Figma UI hides all of the code you’ve written so it makes it really hard to find mistakes. My big idea – type it all out and place it on the page next to the component that contains it.

    This is the code that runs when click on one of the buttons in the prototype.
  • Joe



    Rebecca and I went to San Antonio last weekend and I got to hang out with my brother. I don’t think I’d seen him in over a year 😢.

    Joe – 2024
  • Spatial Video Editing workflow


    • Convert MV-HEVC into Left & Right videos.
      • Drag video files out of Photos. Put them in a folder with “Left” and “Right” subfolders. CD to the directory and use this terminal command to make L & R files to edit.
        • Requires the Spatial command line tool by Mike Swanson (I installed this using Homebrew so the spatial commands below are not prefixed with ./
        • for f in *.MOV; do spatial export -i "$f" --vcodec proRes422 -o "Left/${f%}" -o "Right/${f%}";done
    • Edit your video in DaVinci Resolve Studio (need the paid version)
      • Project settings – 1920 x 1080, 30fps
      • Create a “Left” and “Right” bin and drag the corresponding clips into each one.
      • Right-click the master bin and choose 3D stereo sync. Pick the left and right eye folder. Set the output folder to the master bin. You should end up with a bunch of clips with 3D labels on them.
        • There is a bug in DR. My clips get paired with the wrong clip unless I sync one clip at a time. Super annoying.
      • Now you can edit as usual.
      • When you are done color grading – use the 3D tab on the Color page to adjust the alignment and 3D depth.
        • Use the stereo alignment tools if you have vertical mismatch.
        • You can use the convergence setting to make things farther out or farther in.
      • Finally – export a left eye video and a right eye video.
    • Convert Left & Right videos to MV-HEVC
      • Run this terminal command on the L & R videos you exported from DaVinci Resolve:
        • spatial make -i LEFT.mov -i RIGHT.mov --bitrate 20M --cdist 19.24 --hfov 63.4 --hadjust 0.02 --primary right --projection rect -o VIDEO-spatial.mov
      • When finished, drag the video to the Photos app where you can access it in AVP.
  • Spatial Videos



    I got an Apple Vision Pro a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been enjoying viewing the spatial videos I shot with my iPhone. This weekend I finally got around to learning how to edit them. It basically involves splitting the video into left and right files; combining & editing those in DaVinci Resolve; and then transforming the edited file back into Apple’s spatial video format.

    If you’ve got an Apple Vision Pro, download these and open them in the Files app. If you’re not using an Apple Vision Pro, these will play as regular videos.


    Three, 3D Cats. 95 MB

    Snow in

    We got some snow in January.
    53 MB


    Rowing practice on White Rock Lake.
    153 MB

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