2019 Lunar Eclipse
Last night the clouds cleared out by about 9pm and Rebecca and I had a spectacular view of the lunar eclipse from the back deck. Our friends Pete and Carol joined us along with our neighbor Katie. It was really nice to share the event with friends and be able to step inside to warm up periodically.
Lots of stars
A couple of weeks ago we took a vacation out in the redwoods of Sonoma county, CA. I grabbed a couple of nice shots of the milky way one night. It’s amazing how many more stars you can see at night when you’re not in a light polluted downtown. Below is a 100% crop of […]
Yayoi Kusama – Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity
Life is what I always try to understand—its depths and its mystique of rise and fall. I struggle for it throughout my life. From day to day, I understand the greatness brought by this mystique as well as that love is eternal and keeps appearing and disappearing. And what is more, I am very pleased […]
Lauren got her degree
Wow. Our baby got her bachelor’s degree from Texas State yesterday.
Mars & Saturn
It was a fairly clear night so I tried to take a few more photos from with my camera attached to the top of my telescope. This is a 13 second exposure of Mars (brightest object on the lower left) and Saturn (towards the upper right). Click though to see the full sized image to […]
My Onboarding Talk for Mission UX
Orchestrating A Successful Onboarding Strategy — practical insights from five years of designing onboarding experiences for 100 million Firefox users.
Solange & Talkbot
Solange tweeted some photos of her performance at the Sydney Opera House. Her set design is similar to the one I did for Talkbot!
Orion & Jupiter
We've had some clear weather lately and I've had a chance to take a couple of photos with my telescope.
Ron Mueck
Ron Mueck’s work made me smile, and hopeful and happy. I can’t stop thinking about it.
St. Vincent
St. Vincent's new show is the perfect distillation of what she's been working towards over the last few years. It's a beautiful, singular statement — risky and bold.