Secrets of Videoblogging

It was only 16 years ago but 2004 was a different world in terms of video and the internet. Netflix only did DVDs by mail. There was no YouTube. The iPhone was still 3 years away and dialup was the way most of the people, who could, connected to the internet.

There was a small group of us who thought blogs could do for video what they were doing for publishing. Anyone should be able to publish video and I should be able to subscribe to the stuff I liked. I could make something and get it seen by a few people without it having to potentially appeal to millions of people.

Experiment to website to book

The main issues at the time were that it was complicated and expensive. Some in our group were working on solutions that would come later (, Vimeo, later YouTube) but I got started with what was at hand (Blogger, Flickr, Internet Archive). I used free services to create a tutorial for creating a free video blog. And later with the help of Ryanne Hodson we expanded the website and then turned it into a book published by Peachpit.

While most of this book is no longer relevant, I think this sample chapter is a good example of what we designed it to be—accessible. It’s, short, full of step-by-step instructions with photos, and features lots of real people doing real things.