Hi. It’s me. The weather has finally cooled off here in San Antonio and 2017 is not that far away. I like new years. I like planning out who I’ll be and what I want to have happen each year. They’re a built-in fresh start. I’ve found myself thinking about this upcoming year often during my long runs as I prepare for the Honolulu marathon in December.

And then fucking Tuesday happened.

I’m so furious and numb and sad and ashamed that I don’t even know how to talk about it right now. But it does feel more like a turning point than, the arbitrary, January first. So maybe it’s (no let’s just say it is) a good time for a clean slate. A new place to regroup and rethink and figure out what’s next.

Also, Jen started writing again this week which I find inspiring. And she said this which I’ve also been contemplating lately.

I quit Twitter today — at least for the week. I’m sure I’ll return eventually and use it as a announce things again, but I’m not sure whether I’ll ever return to Twitter as my main space to have conversations. It’s time we stop relying on one central location that we don’t control. And today, it seems especially fruitless and hollow to shout into a void full of trolls. So I’m here again. Writing.

Yes! I’d rather collect thoughts and memories here and talk with people here (or in person!). So here we go. More later.