New Passport

I just got a new passport because my first was going to expire later this year. I went back over my old passport and listed all of the countries I was able to travel to in the last 10 years. Most of those were thanks to working at Mozilla. Regardless, they’ve been some of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.

  1. Canada 6X
  2. Germany 2X
  3. Great Brittan 2X
  4. Belgium
  5. Colombia
  6. Finland
  7. France
  8. Malaysia
  9. Netherlands
  10. Singapore
  11. Turkey


7 Year Mozillaversary

🍻Another Mozillaversary is here (7 years!) and I continue to look forward to many more. This next year should be pretty exciting. By this time in 2018 we will have launched our onboarding experience for new, returning and updating Firefox users and it will have, hopefully, made an impact.🤞

February 2017 Onboarding Test

Planet Mozilla viewers – you can watch this video on YouTube (6 min.).

Over the last year we’ve done a lot of work on Onboarding and in mid-February we’ll be launching our next experiment. In this video I’ll walk you through the things what we’re testing and why.

There’s much more work planned this year – especially leading up to our big release. I’ll be posting more about those plans, our experiments and the results as our work progresses.

Fun fact: I used a couple of framer.js mockups to make this video. If you’d like to click through them yourself you can (sadly these don’t work in release Firefox). Current flow. Our test flow.