Star Party out at Boerne Lake

Rebecca and I finally got the telescope out to a star party with a clear, dark sky where we could see something other than planets and the brightest stars. We also had fun letting people look at what we were looking at. There were lots of gasps and wows.

Tonight we saw (in addition to Jupiter and Saturn):


Today I got an adapter to connect my Lumix GH2 to my telescope and this evening I took some photos of Jupiter. I did not have much luck at all taking still photos. They were all overexposed and a bit blurry. So I tried shooting video hoping to get some good frames and that worked much better. I exported that video as a bunch of still frames and tried to use some image stacking software to combine them. That did not go well but it seemed like I could manually align and stack frames in Photoshop so I tried that instead. That turned out to be much easier and I only needed two frames to get a great result.