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Late last year my friend Jen proposed that we use the new year as an opportunity to make over our personal websites. It’s something that I’ve done many times – burning down the previous thing in the process. And I’m never satisfied with it because I want it to be exciting and cutting edge and unique and and and… a bunch of things. Too many things. Then I end up feeling bad about it all and I go and buy a new domain where I’ll have less pressure to experiment because it won’t have my name on it. So two months ago I got excited by Jen’s idea but I started doing the same thing I always do (unsurprisingly producing the same result). Then I thought, just let your website be simple. Let it say a little about yourself, maybe have a portfolio (still on the to-do list) and maybe even blog again (I know that’s crazy but I still love blogs).

So I’ve re-burned it all down one more time and this is the result. It’s WordPress running an ever so slightly modified version of the Intergalactic 2 theme. I spent some time writing a bit about myself and I’m using my own photos in the headers. It’s not really cool or ground-breaking or even trying to use new techniques like CSS grid. That’s ok. It’s doing it’s job and I don’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining it. I’ll save the big ambition for another project I have in mind.

The one really new thing I did while putting all this together was make a logo for myself. You may be thinking that it looks like a drop-down menu button or a scroll bar arrow and you’d be right. It also makes an “M” and a “V.” As someone who designs software and who’s initials are MV, I think it’s on brand. I also like that you can reverse it over a photo and do things like this:

So this is my new website and this is my first (in a long time) blog post. Thanks for reading.

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