Chevy Volt

We’ve had our 2017 Chevy Volt for almost a month now and I love it. We just got our electric bill and I looked into how we’re doing. We’re using about an extra 13kWh each day. Here in San Antonio that works out to an additional $1.21/day. We’ve had a busy month with the car, taking some out of town trips that we don’t normally do so we’re on track to hit 1300 miles; 880 of them on electric power. That should put our cost per mile (electric + gas) at about 4.7 cents. If we’d bought a 50mpg hybrid instead we have spent slightly more – about 5 cents/mile. But the big difference is that we’ve only burned 10 gallons of gas where that 50mpg hybrid would have burned 26 gallons of gas! I think a typical month for us should be about 1000 miles; 850 of them on electric. Which would mean burning 3.5 gal of gas vs 20 gal of gas for a hybrid or 33 for the car this replaced. That’s pretty exciting!