Holy Cow VR!


Last December, the Mozilla staff (paid and unpaid) spent a week together in Portland to work on projects and share ideas. One of the really exciting things I had the opportunity to do was experience one of the WebVR demos given by Josh Carpenter and Casey Yee. I imagined that it would be pretty cool. After all, I’ve spent about 11 years playing and working in virtual worlds. Oh man. That reminds me. Before the robots had a talk show, I had one for a short time too.

Anyway, so I was excited to check out WebVR using the Oculus DK2 and to my surprise it was even more amazing than I imagined it would be. And on top of that, you can do this on the web! That’s what I’ve been waiting for.

So I’ve been working on an idea for a few weeks now and it feels like it’s time to start making things. So I ordered a DK2 and it came in yesterday. I got it set up last night and spent most of the day trying demos and reading up on stuff. Of course MozVR is great place to get started. I literally copied Josh’s example, swapped out some images and made this super simple demo for myself (below). Of course you’ll need a DK2 and Firefox Nightly (setup info).

The API changed and broke this page. Update: I fixed it using A-Frame!
The API changed and broke this page. Update: I fixed it using A-Frame!

It doesn’t do anything but it was fun — like creating your first web page. So I’m going to load up on dramamine and see what I else I can figure out.

And if you haven’t heard Jen’s The Web Ahead podcast, episode 96 with Josh Carpenter and Vlad Vukicevic talking about WebVR is good place to start.