The importance of user education and onboarding

Planet Mozilla viewers – you can watch this video on YouTube.

I’m at the Mozilla Summit in Brussels this weekend. This afternoon during the “Framing the Future” session, a question was asked about what we’re doing to help less technical users and what we’re doing to avoid alienating existing users. This video has David Ascher talking about what was learned from missing the opportunity to educate and onboard users for the Thunderbird 3 launch. He goes on to talk about how important it is that we get better at this and that he expects that we’ll be doing this with the introduction of Australis (Firefox redesign).

This is something that I’m deeply passionate about. I wrote about this last December just after I had begun organizing a cross-functional meeting to see what we could do to solve this very issue. I’m super excited to say that we are moving ahead with building an brand new update experience for Firefox users that we’ll use to help smooth the transition to Australis when it launches early next year. I’ll be sharing more about that soon.

One thought on “The importance of user education and onboarding

  1. We badly need to work on this in Firefox for Metro (Windows 8). We have some open bugs for our first-run experience* but we haven’t really started work on them yet. When we ship the Metro UI, it will affect all Firefox users on the latest versions of Windows.

    If you or anyone else reading this would like to help us create user education and onboarding material and integrate it into our product, please let me know!


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