Leonard Nimoy

I was attending University in China and was out one night eating dinner with friends. I was still looking over the menu when my friends shoved a bowl in my hands and motioned to follow them back to the table. On the way to the table, I ran into two classmates. They asked if I’d like to join them for dinner. I said I was about to sit down with my friends and so I asked them to sit with us. As we were eating I noticed that one of my friends was upset. I could tell by the images he was speaking in. He was trying to make some point that the two women I brought to dinner didn’t like the “right” science fiction shows. This angered me and I leapt up and loudly defended these two interesting and beautiful women.

Later, I was one the young Chinese woman that I had invited to dinner. I had become separated from my girlfriend and I ran in to Leonard Nimoy who had been an ass at dinner. He asked me to come with him and for some reason I did. We walked up the stairs from the subway station to his car. It was a small, eighty-something, two-door Honda. As I got in I noticed that he had saved a half smoked cigarette on the dashboard. We drove around for a bit and he said, “this conversation,” gesturing to the music on the radio, “is happening elsewhere right now.” I said I didn’t understand and he handed me today’s front page. On it was a picture of a car crushed by a tree with the headline, “Pakistani student killed.” That was my girlfriend and I knew that he had something to do with it. I was distraught. I broke down and continued to scream silently until I woke up.