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Planet Mozilla viewers – you can watch this video on YouTube.

I’ve always loved the Apple help system from the 90s. I loved the way it could guide you step-by-step though actually performing a complicated process. Yesterday, Michelle Luna was describing her dream of a help app for Firefox OS that could fix or change things for you. “One app to rule them all,” she said. That reminded me again of the Apple system. So I dug out this old PowerBook that I have and booted it up. I wonder why Apple dropped this? This is one of the things that made me love my first Mac.

5 thoughts on “Awesome help apps

  1. Looks great!

    Just one comment from my first run though the site though. Would you consider having the “Refine and Focus” options being default open or at least appear more clickable? My first thought was “eek! thats a lot of articles” and my little brain turned off from reading further. I actually didnt realise that was possible until watching the video… silly me. But I went from disliking the site to really liking it.

    If the Refine options were viable from the start, then I would have used it immediately. Is there any new SUMO user who wont want to refine the articles?

    Anyway, thats just one tiny nit. Congrats on getting this out. It looks really good.

  2. Yes, this is on the list of improvements we’re working on! We were thinking if the list of article is more than say 10 we’d default the refine and focus to open.

  3. Wow, very interesting! This is the first time I see a help system that guides the user in this way – it looks very intuitive. It reminds me of some video games I have seen in the past, where the tutorial levels consist of guiding the player through basic tasks.

    I believe this also has the additional benefit of getting the user comfortable with troubleshooting issues and navigating through some of the less-known menu items.

    Very very interesting, awesome concept! =)

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