I was with some people in a house before dawn. For some reason we all had to hide in water before the sun came up. The women and girls went into the bathroom and the guys were going to set up in the oven. The oven sounded like a shitty idea to me so I asked why we were doing this and was told it was because of the aliens. So I said that was bullshit and grabbed a kitchen knife and went out to kill them. The aliens looked just like regular people but they weren’t hiding in water and when you confronted them they had snake like things that came out of their mouths. It reminded me of the zombies from Resident Evil IV. I killed a whole bunch of these alien zombies. Then I ran into this one who also had a knife. He started cutting my hands as I was swinging at him. It hurt and was making me mad. So I started swinging harder and I woke up stabbing the bed.