Set Up Firefox 4

Note: This video is lost. Of course it’s all out of date information anyway. The good news is that if you’re on Windows and you reinstall Firefox it will handle all of this automatically if it needs too (that’s a thing I worked on in 2017).

This is a quick way to set up Firefox 4 without all of the baggage of past installs while keeping all of your bookmarks, history and passwords. I used this procedure on Rebecca’s computer about two weeks ago and then I saw Alexander Limi’s post about it and thought it would make a great screencast. The beautiful thing is that once you spend a few minutes setting this up, not only will you have a shiny new (and FAST) Firefox, you’ll also be able to take your settings with you to an Android device, iPhone or another computer.

Here are download links and support articles on the things I show you how to do in the video: