I’m joining the support team at Mozilla

Last summer I spoke at the Open Video Conference in NYC and I was really impressed with the people from Mozilla and they way they talked about the open web. At the time I was doing freelance work (with which I have a love/hate relationship) and I thought that if I were to get a “regular job” I’d love to work for Mozilla. Well, fast forward about 7 months and there was a posting for a position on the support team. They needed someone who could write clear, easy to understand support documentation, make screencasts and generally help improve the effectiveness of the Firefox knowledge base which is largely written and maintained by a volunteer community. Given all of my work on Freevlog, Secrets of Videoblogging and being a Firefox supporter since version 1, I thought this couldn’t be a better match for me. Thankfully, they agreed.

So today I’m super excited to be joining the SUMO team (short for support.mozilla.com) as the Support Content Manager. I’m spending the week at the Mozilla office in Mountainview getting up to speed with everything. I’ll be trying to grab some video while I’m here so maybe I’ll have that to post next week. At any rate I’m sure I’ll be posting more about my adventures here soon.