Not a video

I was talking to Ryanne this afternoon and the subject of fewer and fewer videoblog posts came up. It wasn’t a big long discussion but we did cite a lack of excitement almost 5 years down the road plus a constant connection to far flung friends via Twitter as factors. We also noted that it’s not a lack of excitement for creating things as we both still do that regularly; it’s that we’re excited about making things in other places.

For me, videoblogging about my life started as an exercise in storytelling using the subject matter that’s always present. Now that I spend much of my time directing my creative energy elsewhere, what I’m realizing is that I really grew to like the idea of documenting my life. I don’t want to give that up. This is a tiny experiment in figuring out a way to integrate that back into my life. So I’m writing this post on my iPhone as I lay in bed watching TV. Maybe I’ll do this once in a while between videos.