Video Vortex 3

I’m really excited about going to Video Vortex 3 in Ankara, Turkey next week. I’ll be running a Videoblogging Boot Camp on Friday 10/10 and making a presentation about networked relationships on Saturday 10/11. I hope to get some video posted during and right after the conference but I’ll be stopping in London for a few days on the way back so I imagine that some will have to wait until I get back home.

Workshop – Videoblogging Boot Camp
This workshop will take participants through the entire videoblogging process — from setting up a blog, to shooting, editing and compressing video, to making them findable and searchable. This workshop will be a fast paced, practical, hands-on experience. We’ll survey a number of videoblogs that use a variety of storytelling methods before going off to shoot and edit a short video introduction. Participants will use that video to learn how to post to their own videoblogs (or add video to their existing blogs). We’ll also set up a collaborative videoblog that will collect participant’s impressions during and after the conference.

Conference Talk – Videoblogging: Networked Relationships
Video and sound offer such a rich experience that even small, compressed, web-cam clips provide an extraordinary level of intimacy. When you combine this with a network of over a billion people, the nature of self-awareness, relationships, community and our families begin to alter. This presentation will take a look at some of the consequences — both intended and unintended — of videoblogging and the unconstrained personal connection it offers.