Passage to Zhong Fu

Passage to Zhong Fu was originally made for the 48 Hour Film Project in Second Life but since I work for Millions of Us, one of the sponsors of the event, our team wasn’t eligible to compete. That said, making this film, for me, was never about any kind of competition. Rather it was all about having a focused opportunity to create something with a set of artistic constraints not under your control. That’s the competition – one against yourself – that I’m always interested in pursuing.

Another reason for doing this was that it was an opportunity to put our little machinima team to work on something of it’s own creation. I’ve been working with Poid and ducky on a bunch of projects for work and we’ve been having a great time. After Poid worked with Dizzy on DynaFleur she suggested we ask him to join us on this. I can’t tell you what a fantastic idea that was – just listen to the soundtrack on this, you’ll be blown away.

If your unfamiliar with the 48 Hr Film Project, how it works is that all teams are given 3 random items that they must include; a prop, a character and a line of dialog. Addtionally, each team is randomly assigned a genre that they must work with. For this, all teams had to have a flamingo as a prop, the character Tony Martin – teacher and the line of dialog, “That’s the way that it goes.” As for genre, we were tasked to make a “road movie.” One of the most satisfying things about this project is that I think we made good use of all of the restrictions. They had us come up with a film that we wouldn’t have made otherwise and yet it feels completely our own.

So what I’m posting here is a little different than the one we turned in after 48 hours. This is probably the 50-something hour version. We added back in the scene with the cage which we originally had to cut to meet the time requirements. Doing that meant that Dizzy had to compose some new music as that scene really joins the two before it and the one after as a single musical section. Poid and I also shot a new ending scene. The original had Poid walking down a city street but that came from the initial idea which sort of evolved as we shot and edited the piece. I like this ending much better because it brings us back to where the film starts, having changed – which, I think, is the theme and was the inspiration for adding the I Ching quote at the beginning.

If you’re into Second Life, please join us for the screening this Sunday, February 3, 2008 from noon – 2 p.m. SLT (PST). Screening SLURL.

Poid put together a whole site for the film —> here.
Also, check out her photo set on Flickr.