Vlog Anarchy


I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest for a long time. Don’t leave me any text comments – make a video instead and post the link. Also, go to Mefeedia and tag your video “vlog anarchy” and I’ll post the RSS feed.

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  1. I went ahead and responded to your post in two very different ways.

    My first response was my direct approach. Michael asked us to respond on-video so I created a video using a traditional vlog approach.

    After re-visiting the INdTV website, I noticed for the first time that Star-Spangled Banner music video was now one of the prompts…

    Let’s see what Al Gore thinks of my approach to Vlog Anarchy.

  2. Guys, I’ve recently become aware of the “vlogging” phenom, but I’ve essentially been doing it on and off since I posted my first video of my wedding in 1998. For a long time, years, it’s been more family oriented, but more recently, I’ve started vlogging all sorts of stuff, using more and more editing and cleaner more pro-looking quality video and audio. However, just this past week, I’ve converted nearly 8 years of personal posting into a WordPress blog format, and I’m looking to get out into the community of vloggers out there. Your video was well said and as someone who has been doing this in a kind of “vacuum” on his own for so long, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. I think my posts were essentially a vlog, but there was no participation of viewers, so not sure? But one of the reasons why I just converted my site after all of the years of doing it by hand, was to encourage some commenting on my years and years of multimedia posts. Anyway, please forgive me by not responding in video form, but I just finished hours and hours of editing my most recent video blog post for some friends, and I’m not in the mood. Please reach out to me, contact me, I’d love to meet some of you guys out there in vlog land. THANKS, and keep up the good work. I can be reached at Swerbo.com

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